Apply to lead the as a House Manager

Receive Free Housing for the Year!

Job Description

The is lead by a team of two House Managers who oversee the logistics, programming and wellbeing within the home. Working together, and alongside the founders, the House Managers are responsible for creating a healthy and vibrant culture in the home.

Each year, we look for two House Manager to join our team, typically starting in May/June. These individuals should be excited about taking a year to be surrounded by a passionate tribe of changemakers and who will be capable of encouraging others on their journey. House Managers are expected to step up and lead in their own unique way, but we will provide structure and guidance with respect to systems, rules and activities we have seen to be effective in past years.

Some specific job responsibilities that the House Managers will collectively share include:

  • Support facilitating two retreats per year
  • Organizing house meals and guest dinners twice per week
  • Running one house meeting per week
  • Hosting visiting guests and prospective tenants to the home
  • Coordinating internal house communications
  • Supporting tenant-lead workshops, events and programming
  • Periodic pulse check with tenants
  • Posting weekly snapshots of the home to social media
  • Check-ins with founders as needed

We will be seeking an individual who can complement the skills of our current team in the jobs listed above. This position is not appropriate for undergraduate students; House Managers should either be working young professionals or pursuing their graduate degree.

Benefits as a House Manager

We provide free housing in a single room, and a free parking spot, to each House Manager (equivalent of $850/month) in exchange for roughly 1-2 hr/day of your time. This can be spent on a wide range of tasks – such as the ones listed above. You can see a breakdown of what is included with living at the here. House Managers are expected to find other sources of income and work to supplement their cost of living during the year (past House Managers have done freelance design, consulting, worked on start-up companies, been a personal trainer, drove for Uber, run a downtown coworking space, started the prison mentoring program, taught at a local school, worked as a local designer, and worked for community outreach for a local church).

In addition, we will connect you with the broader innovation ecosystem in State College and the many exciting initiatives that are emerging in town.

Our hope is that House Managers can use the time and freedom that a leadership role at the provides to activate and pursue your own purpose projects. State College is quickly becoming a small-town community that can support you in that work and this position offers you immediate access to the individuals in town capable and willing to support you in your work.

Desired Characteristics of the House Manager(s):
  • Positive, fun and encouraging
  • Willing to enforce house values and rules
  • Self-starter; able to lead their own work
  • Well organized and logistics-oriented
  • Excited about living in, and fostering, intentional community
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Familiarity working with issues of mental health

Individuals with experience participating in transformative learning, changemaking and/or intentional communities are strongly encouraged to apply. This position offers immense flexibility and may be well suited for entrepreneurial or freelance-based individuals.


This position typically begins between May and Aug of each year, depending on the candidates starting availability. Our preferred start date would be May so you can work alongside our existing team during the summer to learn the position prior to the Fall semester kicking off. The position is a commitment for one-year with the ability to renew on for a second year.

Training for the selected candidate will take place during the summer in preparation for new tenants who move in mid-Aug.

About State College, PA:

State College is a hidden gem in central Pennsylvania. As a college town with a population of 85,000 (half of which are students), we have many of the resources of a large city (bands, theatre, sports, etc.) but are surrounded by the intimacy and natural beauty of the region. A few of the things we love about this community are:

  • Nature Lover’s Paradise
    Ranked the 5th best Adventure Town on the East Coast by National Geographic, State College is home to some of the top mountain biking, kayaking, sky diving and hiking trails all within minutes from downtown.
  • Happy in Happy Valley
    Consistently ranked as one of the safestleast stressful and happiest places in the country, State College proudly donns the title Happy Valley. Ranked as the second smartest city in the country, the majority of our community is eager and excited to offer a supporting hand.
  • Everything Within a Few Blocks
    Living in the downtown area, you have all the resources you need within a 5 block radius. Forget your car – we prefer to walk and bike in this town, so much so that we were ranked in the top 2% for bike-commuting small towns.
  • Conveniently Located
    Located centrally between key metropolitan regions along the east coast, State College is easy to get to and from cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or DC. And we’re not bragging, but our airport takes a total of 5 minutes to check-in…